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vision and mission of the district education office Garut south VISION AND MISION OF THE DISTRICT EDUCATION OFFICE GARUT SOUTH VISION establishment of governance quality educational services and affordable to realize social life, dignity, cultural and religious MISSION Maintaining and controlling the educational services held in a transparent, responsive, participatory, accountable and sustainable; (SECRETARIAT) Early childhood education, elementary education, secondary

Verification and Validation of Candidate NATIONAL EXAM ( UN )Preliminary data up to December 31, 2014. to guide please download pd verval guide Login to verval pd enter your user name, password and the code from the image   select edit the data and then select the name and birth date of filing select the name of the student  

Law No. 20 of 2003 on the national education system states that the curriculum is a set of plans and setting the objectives, content and learning and the means used to guide the organization of learning activities to achieve educational goals. learning implementation plan (RPP) curriculum in 2013  curriculum in 2013 aimed at human memperiapkan Indonesia that have the ability

how to edit the photograph size 3×4 through photoshop cut through the 3×4 size photograph with Photoshop width = 3 in length = 4 in with resulation 100 pixels / inch thank you for visitor , may be useful to you all

how to upload the results recap ratings ( PKG ) A file upload attachments s22a upload files s22b lampiraan b upload files appraisal fact sheet notes to obtain a fact sheet notes fact sheet notes thank you for visitor , may be useful to you all

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This application easy to edited,using the very attractive feature consists of : Registrasion Number of Teacher ( NRG ) Certificate Number Stamp each School Employee Identification Number (NIP) The Unique Number Of Eductors (NUPTK) example below how to easily create card a card for teachers already certified to download the application herethank you for visitor , may be useful to you